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Call for Volunteers!!

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A lot of opportunities are on the way!

Should we count you in? Register by filling the form available at: and be a part of Swat Youth Front.

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Inauguration of Rabab Classes

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Swat Youth Front in collaboration with Directorate Of Culture KP under Revival of Indigenous Cultural Heritage RICH Project inaugurated free Rabab classes after scrutiny of more than 80 applications received from participants of various areas of Swat. The inauguration was held in a local hotel on 12th February, 2015. More than 30 persons participated in the inauguration ceremony followed by introductory class.

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Thematic Focus

Category : Thematic Focus

Thematic Focus:

  • Human Rights
  • Peace building
  • Youth Empowerment
  • Women Empowerment
  • Education

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Financial Management

Financial Management:

The organization has completed various developmental, welfare and emergency relief projects in collaboration with international, national and local agencies. SYF is increasingly accessing grants that have stringent financial regulations from accounting to reporting. SYF depends on how effectively and efficiently its resources are managed by those entrusted with that responsibility and therefore SYF  has rich experience in maintaining its record including reports and financial papers. The organization believes in sound financial system that shows accountability and transparency

The organization has competent trained staff for maintaining efficient and track records of its accounts. The accounts are audited on annual basis through external charted accountants. Apart from external auditing, the organization has internal audit and monitoring mechanism.

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Guilding Principles

Category : Guilding Principles

Guiding principles:

  • Promote poverty reduction as a basic human right;
  • Promote volunteerism among youth throughout the region
  • Promote a holistic approach to a just , peaceful and prosperous society
  • Promote tolerance and peace in the region.
  • Promote Human Rights as essential in social development and peace-building;
  • Promote relationships/partnerships within the UN system and with other NGOs.

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Category : Objectives


  • To promote socio-economic empowerment of the underprivileged.
  • To promote gender awareness and sensitivity.
  • To narrow gender gaps in health, education and economic participation.
  • To promote volunteerism in youth for effective change.
  • To enhance the capacity building of CBOs, and CCBs, through participatory development process to benefit the underprivileged of the region.
  • To achieve MDGs for developing a just, peaceful and prosperous society.
  • To build up the capacity  of Human Rights  Activists in Malakand Region via publication, seminars and workshops to minimize  violation of human rights.

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Category : Mission


We are a Youth organization with a vision of promoting human development of the disadvantaged Communities with a gender perspective.

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Category : Vision


Swat Youth Front strive in partnership with community, public and civil society organizations to achieve MDGs for developing a just, peaceful and prosperous society where all have equal access to opportunities irrespective of gender, color, race, religion and status.